Since 1993

"While the ideal beauty continues to change,  one thing remains constant - facial symmetry."

A certified Master Brow Artist with over 14 years of experience, Bernice's mission is to create the perfect facial symmetry with beautiful brows.

Before launching her very own brow artistry in Delfi Orchard, Bernice was the Master Brow Artist at a prominent eye brow salon. She spent 8 years there, perfecting the art of brow embroidery to accentuate different facial features and face shapes. She then progressed to spend the next 6 years at another leading eyebrow salon which solidified her status as one of the best brow artists in Singapore today.

Renowned for her expertise and skills in bespoke brow embroidery, Bernice has since transformed many famous brows including top make up artists and celebrities. Bernice's warm disposition and sunny outlook makes her a natural favourite as she continues to promote effortless beauty with natural-looking cosmetic artistry today.


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