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A detailed one-to-one consultation will be carried out prior to your choice of treatment. During the consultation, we will discuss about your

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After the consultation is completed, a bespoke solution will be created for you.
We will only proceed when you are 100% happy with what we have created for you.

Perfect Brow

Soft shading technique using natural semi-permanent make up to achieve the perfect, bespoke brows that accentuate your face shape and facial features.

Bright Eye

Wake up to beautiful, natural-looking lined eyes every day with softly shaded, precise semi-permanent make up. Your eyes will look instantly brighter and bigger.

Rosy Lips

Restore a youthful, rosy hue to your lips with subtle, semi-permanent make up and soft shading technique. A bespoke rosy hue that complements your skin tone and lip shape.